Manufacturing, maintenancing, programming and distribution of note/coin change machines

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Dear visitors, and future partners!

Our company deals specifically with distribution, installation, maintenance of banknote changer machines, renovation of old devices and supplying individual needs. Take a look at our website and discover our products, don't miss our monthly promotions!

Recommended for: garages, parking garages, chain stores, beverage vending machines, slot machines, car washes. On request, equipped with internal heating and ventilation.

Our developments:

Our possibilities are limitless!
Whether it is a touch card (NAYAX), a telephone payment (NFC) or coin-accepting system, we are at your disposal to design and implement your device.

Parking garages, pay parking lots:
It’s an easy solution for everyone to install our machines in parking garages and pay parking lots. The operating company has extra income, easy to use for the consumer. We recommend it for ticketing devices primarily, even with a token system!

Playhouses, solariums, etc.:
We are home to these sectors, and we work with numerous partners throughout the country. Our customers mainly work with tokens, which is why we have developed a "bonus system", which greatly facilitates operation. At one sweep, you can switch from a token system to a cash changer if needed.

Car washes:
We are the key partners of hand and automatic car washes! This is the industry that should not operate without a note/coin changer, because here the revenue loss is really visible. Earns up to 40% profit, no employee, earns money alone. We serve the need of numerous foreign and domestic costumers who only regret why hadn’t contacted us sooner.

For beverage vending machines, snack vending machines:
Provides secure revenue for operators! Usually this industry only uses coins, so it would be a big mistake not to use our devices in this sector, while installation is gaining ground. We are contracted partners of several foreign companies for continuous servicing, but we have more and more customers at our home country.

Gas stations, car washes, play houses, beverage vending machines, parking houses, but in fact, only the imagination limits to what kind of device we place our money changer! Earns money in all cases! Numerous foreign and domestic partners have chosen our service because of our competitive price and service. We are also modernizing our old appliances, completely renovating when needed. We offer warranty on all our devices and provide 24-hour service for smooth operation. Take advantage of our services and enjoy the security that our company offers you.

Our services include:

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Manufacturing, maintenancing, programming and distribution of note/coin change machines

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